The New Way of Doing Real Estate

(5 Reasons Why Real Estate Teams Out-Perform Individual Realtors)


The days of the lone wolf real estate agent who navigates all areas of home buying and selling are over.

In the past, the Realtor was a jack-of-all-trades. They would answer phones, handle paperwork, negotiate offers, list homes, take photos, drive buyers around and show properties, work with sellers to stage their home, research market trends and more, all while trying to provide you with their full energy, service and attention.

With the housing market and world changing it is becoming increasingly difficult for a single agent to handle all these affairs while still providing you with their highest capacity of service. With a real estate team, rather than a single individual, you get the benefit of each member's full dedication and expertise without any extra cost.


You Deserve More

At Monterey Peninsula Home Team, we decided that you deserved more. We agreed that with a team, everyone did truly achieve more. We found it was a win-win deal for both the client and the agent relationship.

We have teamed up to provide you with more by specializing in specific areas of the real estate process. Just as doctors and attorneys do, we each specialize in our areas of strengths rather than trying to be a jack-of-all-trades in our profession.

Here are five ways our team offers you more:


1. Availability. In real estate, timing is everything. If you hire an independent agent, their availability can be very limited because they are working with other clients too. It can be nerve-wracking when your dream home, one that you know could get snatched up at any moment, suddenly pops up on the market and you are unable to get a hold of your agent. With our team, our lines are always open for prompt and fast communication so that we can act swiftly with any questions or concerns you have. We understand that keeping on our toes is a must in the ever-changing market.


2. Specialization. When working with a real estate team rather than a single agent, you get an arsenal of dedicated professionals that each specialize in a single area for the same rate it would take to hire a single agent who attempts to do everything themselves. We believe that the old model is no longer sufficient and that we can provide you with the best service as a team.

At Monterey Peninsula Home Team, our team of experts include:

    Listing Specialist: This agent works solely with sellers to provide the highest level of service. Because they specialize in this area, their expertise is unmatched by any single real estate agent trying to juggle multiple projects.

    Buyer Specialists: Dedicates their full time and energy to home buyers, keeping them up to date with the latest market trends, financing knowledge, new and current market inventory.

    Transaction Manager: Works diligently to ensure your transaction is smooth and straightforward from beginning to end. Just as you would hire an event coordinator for a wedding or large event, the transaction manager keeps all aspects of the transaction in balance and makes sure everything goes along smoothly and that you arrive at your closing date as scheduled.

    Marketing Specialist: The world has changed in terms of how people connect, and in real estate it's all about connecting the right people together. Our marketing specialist focuses on connecting buyers with sellers and in building the online connections that bring them together. They help with advertising listings, ensuring that your home receives maximum exposure with the right audience.

    Real Estate Photographer: One of the most overlooked areas of real estate marketing, home photos are often the deciding factor in what brings people by to visit your home. Our own professional photographer uses the most sophisticated equipment to capture your home in the best light and ensure that people will be coming in to see it.


3. Service. When you go through the process of buying or selling a home, it can either be an enjoyable process, or one that you never want to repeat again. Our team believes that the difference is in the quality of service you receive. We take time to understand your wants, needs and expectations. We value trust, honesty, integrity & teamwork. Being able to answer your calls & emails throughout the day is important to us. When you hire a Realtor to represent you, you deserve and need professional and prompt service.


4. Commissions. You might be thinking, “Do you charge a higher commission or fee because of your team structure?” The answer is no. We decided that we would set ourselves apart by offering our clients more for the same amount most single agents charge. We have found that by offering better service, our clients continue to return to us for all their real estate needs as well as refer us to their friends or family members. This allows us to stay in business and grow.


5. Knowledge. At Monterey Peninsula Home Team, continued education is very important to us. Our Realtors and team members are trained & coached on a weekly basis to improve their skills in order to serve you better. We not only educate ourselves on the ongoing changes in the real estate industry, but take time to always educate our clients. We believe buyers and sellers make better decisions when provided resources such as videos, articles, and expert industry advice.


Monterey Peninsula Home Team is paving the way and keeping in step with the rapid changing housing market. We're on the forefront of some of the most innovative practices in real estate that ensure you get exactly what you need.

Don't settle for the old way of doing things. Receive the benefit of an entire team of specialized experts working on your behalf for the same cost that you would pay to hire a single agent.

If you are considering buying or selling a home, give our team a call. Even if you are not ready to make a move right away, we would love to discuss your goals with you and help provide you with the information you will need to get started