Carmel Woods Neighborhood of Carmel, CA

Carmel Woods is located at the Northern most tip of Carmel, CA just west of Hwy 1 and borders Pebble Beach’s 17 Mile Drive from the Hwy 1 Gate down Pescadero Canyon. The Carmel Woods neighborhood expands over both sides of Carpenter Street and is bordered on the south by Pescardero Road, Serra Rd and Valley Way. Carmel Woods is heavily forested with Monterey pines, oak and cypress trees and the terrain in this portion of Carmel is relatively steep. The roads for the entire neighborhood seem to snake around the mountainous terrain like a roller coaster ride, with ups and downs and rolling turns, making it feel like you are in a more rural setting than you really are.

Being near the top of Pescadero Canyon and one of the highest points in Carmel, CA, Carmel Woods offers some exceptional ocean views with Pescadero Point in Pebble Beach being visible in certain areas as well as Point Lobos, Carmel Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Although most of the Carmel Woods area offers just peaks of the water, the area near Upper Trail offers magnificent views of Point Lobos and Carmel Point, making it a desirable place to own real estate.

Carmel Woods Real Estate

Carmel Woods real estate is a popular area for local Monterey Peninsula residents based on its proximity to all local cities and due to the fact it is in Carmel school district, which is one of the highest ranked school systems in the area. Although generally thought of as a more affordable neighborhood of Carmel, CA, many Carmel Woods luxury homes have views of either the Pacific Ocean, Carmel Bay or Point Lobos, which obviously increases the desirability and value of real estate in this neighborhood. Homes in Carmel Woods range from small Carmel cottages to larger Carmel luxury homes, and everything in between. Prices can be as low at $500,000 and as high as $5,000,000 for a piece of Carmel Woods ocean view real estate!

This area is known for many of the homes being built on the hilly, heavily forested terrain with Monterey pine trees and oak trees everywhere. If you are looking for a grid of homes, Carmel Woods will not be for you as the roads are all curvy with lots of elevation changes. Don’t be surprised if you get lost the first few times you drive around Carmel Woods, but since it is not a very large area, it won’t take long to master it.

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