Coldwell Banker Home's Best Friend Video


If you live on the Monterey peninsula you know how dog crazy we are here!  With restaurants with doggy menus, special seating areas for those dinning with their 4 legged friends, Carmel Beach with it's own dog community and even a Starbucks with water bowls outside for dogs, we are certainly one of the most "dog-forward" areas in the country and likely the world.  Carmel was even voted the most dog friendly place in the US!  With things like "Yappy Hour" and a doggie room service menu offered at co-owner Doris Day's Cypress Inn as well as other hotels and inns in Carmel, we are the undisputed king of canine.  Many Carmel restaurants, not content with just water bowls and doggy treats, raise the stakes with custom doggie menus of kibble, biscuits, grilled chicken, steak tartar, and more...

So when I got a sneak peek at the new Coldwell Banker "Home's Beast Friend" video, I couldn't wait to share it with everyone.  It is obvious our friends at Coldwell Banker know how important our little buddies are to us all and I think this video captures just how incredible the relationship between man and dog is.