Vacant Property Alert Graphic

How to Protect Your Vacant Property From Unwanted Intruders


Agent listed a vacant property in Salinas.  Neighbors were put on alert to call her should there be anyone on the property that was suspicious.


Sometime later when an agent was showing the property the showing agent called the listing agent and asked if she was aware that someone was living in the home.  She immediately went to the property and found out that the squatter had taken up residence.


He was posing as a landscaper (had truck with a sign on the side and even went so far as to do a rather good job of trimming and cleaning the yard!)  Once he had gained the neighbor's confidence, he was able to gain access into the property via the back of the house. 


It is believed he didn't enter the house during the day but only at night and didn't park his truck nearby. He was dismantling items in the house to sell.


The listing agent contacted the police who provided her with tips on how to secure the home.

  •   Leave the inside lights on
  •   Leave all the blinds open
  •   Notify the neighbors to call the police should the lights be off or curtains drawn.

The police will drive by during  patrol to also assess any suspicious activity.


This is not just a Salinas problem.  This has also happened in Pebble Beach and Monterey.  Homeless people are going to be needing shelter as the weather turns colder so all vacant property is at risk.


Let all the neighbors know the property is vacant and in the event of any suspicious activity, they are to contact police and you immediately 


  • Let the neighbors know if and when any  workers will be at the property.
  • Leave lights on, blinds open and secure windows and doors.
  • Be on alert when entering a vacant property. It's best to not go alone.