New Monterey, A Neighborhood in Monterey, CA

New Monterey is located at the southwest part of Monterey and borders the city of Pacific Grove on one side, the Presidio of Monterey on the other, and Cannery Row on the bay side.  This neighborhood is rich in history and was home to some of the most interesting characters to ever live in Monterey.

The southwest part Monterey or New Monterey as it called materialized as a neighborhood in the 1920’s through the 1940’s as housing was needed for workers involved in the enormous sardine cannery business of the time.  Most of the homes on the hill above Cannery Row were smaller cottages and were modest places both young and old could call home. 

However, the neighborhood's beginnings are along the coast.  In 1851 Chinese fisherman came to Monterey and settles at "China Point" (Point Ohones) and started fishing the fertile waters of Monterey Bay.  It was actually salmon that brought the Chinese to Monterey Bay, not sardines.  By 1953, there was said to be 600 Chinese fisherman on the bay and the settlement had grown into shanties built along the shoreline of what is now the west end of Cannery Row and the Aquarium.

Portuguese whalers settled in the Monterey Bay area around 1850 and ran their operations primarily out of the Cannery Row area, long before there were canneries.  When whaling fell out of fashion, the immigrants turned to farming and fishing.

In the late 1800's the Monterey Italian fishing community exploded and dominated the fishing industry in Monterey bay.  The majority of the Monterey Italians took up residence on Spaghetti Hill above old town Monterey, but some built homes in New Monterey.

Cannery Row

By the early 1900's the Monterey fishing industry was booming and the canning business was growing with it.  In 1908 the first major cannery was built on Cannery Row and with the demand of canned fish growing due to World War I, Cannery Row was in full swing by 1918 when they produced 1.4 million cases of canned fish! 

Cannery workers were called to work when the various canneries blew a unique whistle, making it beneficial to be living close by in New Monterey and within earshot of the whistles.

New Monterey and Cannery Row continued to grow and prosper and although things slowed a bit during the great depression, World War II brought another boom.  It wasn't until after WWII that the sardines disappeared from Monterey Bay and the cannery business collapsed and the area fell into tough times.

John Steinbeck's "Cannery Row" was published in 1945 just about the time the sardine catch was slowing.  This book did a wonderful job of painting colorful pictures of the characters and lifestyle that was present during these interesting times on the Row.  Ultimately the book made Cannery Row the famous place it is today.

Presidio of Monterey

In 1946 the US Military moved the Defense Language Institute (DLI), then called the Military Intelligence Service Language School (MISLS) to the Monterey Presidio which borders New Monterey on its south side.  This brought a significant number of instructors and staff members who ultimately would have impact on the areas housing and still does today, with language instructors making up a significant percentage of today’s home buyers in the area.

New Monterey Lifestyle

New Monterey is most known for the lifestyle it offers residents.  This area is close to all of the things that make the Monterey Peninsula the special place it is.  Obviously Cannery Row is a great attraction today with great restaurants, sightseeing, the Monterey Bay Aquarium and fun shopping, no wonder it is the biggest tourist attraction in Monterey County.  Scenic Pacific Grove with its beautiful rocky shoreline, Victorian era homes and cottages, quaint downtown area and American hometown feel is on the border of New Monterey.  Homes in New Monterey are a bit more affordable than Pacific Grove, making New Monterey popular with some second home buyers, more so than other parts of Monterey.  New Monterey will get more sunshine than Pacific Grove of Pebble Beach, but it still benefits from the cool coastal breeze to cool off a warmer summer day.

Lighthouse Shopping District

The Lighthouse Shopping District is in New Monterey and offers residents plenty of places to eat, drink, shop or hang out.  From sushi to pizza, art galleries to beauty salons, surf shops to martial arts...You will find everything you need within a couple of minutes from your house.

New Monterey Real Estate

New Monterey is known for having some of the best views of Monterey Bay.  It is very common to find a Monterey Bay View home or condo in New Monterey on the hill with outstanding views of the bay.  In general real estate is pretty affordable in New Monterey, especially when compared to Pacific Grove, Carmel or Pebble Beach.  Someone looking for a second home in New Monterey will be able to find a home or condo that will not break the piggy bank.  However, there are plenty of higher end Luxury homes for sale in New Monterey, normally with killer views of the Bay and the city lights.  If you are looking for New Monterey Real Estate for sale or are interested in New Monterey Real Estate Statistics, be sure to contact us.