Pebble Beach Golf Course View Properties

Whether it is a $500,000 Golf Course View condo in the upper Pebble Beach forest, or a $27,000,000 Golf Course View estate home on Stillwater Cove next to the Pebble Beach Lodge, Pebble Beach has the greatest selection of Golf Course View Properties in the world!.

Types of Golf Course View Properties in Pebble Beach, CA 93953

Pebble Beach has a wide range of Golf Course View properties all securely located behindone of the worlds most exclusive gated enclaves. The most affordable properties in Pebble Beach with Golf Course Views would be a Golf Course View condo at Ocean Pines located in the Upper Forest of Pebble Beach. Ocean Pines condo complex sit on top of Huckleberry Hill on the eastern most boundary of Pebble Beach, offering distant Golf Course Views from way up high of the MPCC Golf Course and coastline.

Just down the ridge a little ways, towards Carmel, there is more Pebble Beach properties with views of Carmel Bay and Point Lobos and some have views of Pebble Beach Golf links. These Pebble Beach Golf Course View homes are located in the Upper Pebble Beach Forest or in the Central Pebble Beach area and are still fairly affordable. Golf Course Views are from a much higher vantage point that is close to 500-900 feet above sea level.

The Monterey Peninsula Country Club side of Pebble Beach offers a lot of Golf Course View properties with smashing views of the setting sun over the Pacific Ocean. Golf Course View properties in this part of Pebble Beach typically fronts one of the Monterey Peninsula Country Club golf courses )either the Shore course or the Dunes course) which are cut into the beautiful Pebble Beach coast and pine forest. Homes here can be quite pricey, especially if they have been all remodeled or rebuilt custom homes. The Golf Course Views with the setting sun are smashing, making this a very desirable part of Pebble Beach.

The most desirable and highest priced of the Pebble Beach Golf Course View properties is located in the Pebble Beach Lodge area. This area is the only part of Pebble Beach with oceanfront properties, which stretches from Cypress Point all the way to the Pebble Beach Lodge as well as Pebble Beach Golf Course front properties which also have incredible ocean and bay views. These high end and very exclusive parcels of properties are hard to come by and always demand top dollar. Many have old estate homes that are over or close to 100 years old and many of them are in need of updating or in some cases, demolition. You will be hard pressed to find a piece of Pebble Beach Golf Course front properties for under $10,000,000, and most of the time they will run in the teens to low twenty million dollar range.

The hills above the Pebble Beach Lodge offer some of the best overall Golf Course Views in all of Pebble Beach. This properties sits a couple of hundred feet above sea level and is really a nice vantage point to see the classic Pebble Beach Golf Course Views of Arrowhead point, the 17th green and 18th tee complex as well as down #8, #9 and #10 with Carmel Beach in the background. In addition, you can get beautiful views of Carmel Bay, Ghost Tree and Stillwater Cove, making these homes highly sought after. Properties with these golf course and ocean views range dramatically in price depending on lot size, lot slope and the homes design and condition. Golf course and ocean view properties here in Pebble Beach can range from $2,000,000 to over $15,000,000 for the right combination of home, lot and view.

If you are looking for Pebble Beach properties for sale with incredible Golf Course Views, you can build an advanced search or contact us and we can do it for you.