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Today we’re excited to tell you about the best places in the Monterey Peninsula to take your kids trick-or-treating this year. There are several areas that are coveted by children and their parents alike.

For starters, Pacific Grove’s Candy Cane Lane is not only a great place to be during Christmas time, but it’s also a fantastic spot to trick-or-treat on Halloween. Last year, one of our friends who lives there gave away over 3,000 pieces of candy, which tells you something about how many people flock to this small community during this time of year. People drive from all over to go to Candy Cane Lane.

Another great area is Fisherman’s Flats in Monterey. It’s a great area to walk around in and another community that sees huge traffic on Halloween.

Next, we have the Carmel Valley Village, which we’ve been to many times around Halloween time. We have friends who live out there as well and I can remember kid after kid after kid coming to the home as we sat in the backyard around a fire. I got there late one year and saw the traffic firsthand. It’s another big hot spot for trick-or-treaters.

Finally, Del Rey Oaks was a great area for trick-or-treating when I was little and it still is today.

Del Rey Oaks was a great spot when I was a kid and it’s still a great spot today.


As you can see, there are plenty of great places to take your kids this Halloween. If you have any questions for us, need directions, or want any advice if you’re thinking of moving to one of these areas, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email today. For more information on past Halloweens in the Monterey Peninsula, check out an older blog postWe look forward to hearing from you soon.