Monterey Peninsula Real Estate Search

First Time Buyers

Approaching the task of buying a home here on the Monterey Peninsula can be overwhelming. It is a complex event during which there is so much to learn and to consider. How much can I afford? Where will the down payment come from? How much will I need and where can I find the best loan? How do I begin the look for a home, what should I expect from my real estate agent and what type of home is right for me?

These questions are just the beginning. Buying a home is one of the largest financial transactions in one’s lifetime, yet most people know very little about it. When embarking on the path to home ownership here are two very important points to remember:

•You can and should understand everything that is happening in the homebuying process.
•You will need to learn some new terms, apply some new concepts and take the time to learn about purchasing a home.

Always remember that you are the most important person throughout the entire real estate process. It is easy to think that many others may have more expertise or clout, but the truth is that you, the buyer, are the one person in this transaction that makes it all happen. If you decide not to buy, the entire process comes to a complete stop.

If you plan from the beginning to approach the homebuying process intelligently and with confidence, you are much more likely to buy the home you’ve always wanted, and have the confidence that the best decisions were made.

Steps To Buying A Home

1. Make a decision to rent or buy.
2. Figure out how much you can afford.
3. Find the right real estate agent.
4. Get pre-approved.
5. Decide what kind of home you want.
6. Find the right neighborhood.
7. Begin the home search.
8. Preview the homes.
9. Make an offer.
10. Apply for a mortgage.
11. Have the inspections conducted.
12. Close the transaction.
13. Move into your new home.