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Search all San Benancio area real estateSan Benancio Canyon, referred to as “Las Pasturas del Cielo” in John Steinbeck’s book, “The Pastures of Heaven” was aptly named based on the scenic beauty of this area. John Steinbeck spent time all over Monterey County as a kid, but apparently San Benancio made a lasting impact on him. He especially liked the Castle Rock area of San Benancio as described in the book.

San Benancio is a very desirable area for full time residents of either the Monterey Peninsula or the Salinas Valley. This neighborhood is centrally located with easy access to the Monterey Peninsula as well as Salinas, Marina and Carmel Valley. You can be just about anywhere you need to in around 20 minutes from San Benancio.
Those looking to escape the summer coastal fog will also be delighted with the weather in San Benancio. It is normally 10-15 degrees warmer that the coast and is rarely fogged in. The locals refer to this location as the sun belt or the banana belt based on the regularity of the sunshine in the summer months. In the wintertime, residents of San Benancio can count on the same mild weather that makes the California coast so inviting to so many people. Although the mornings will be a bit cooler in the canyon, the days normally warm up quickly and match or exceed the coastal high temperatures.

San Benancio Pastures of HeavenThe San Benancio neighborhood is a relatively small rural area located right in the middle of Monterey and Salinas roughly 15 minutes east of Monterey off Hwy 68. San Benancio Road forks off Hwy 68 just west of the Toro Café and runs right down the center of the San Benancio Canyon to the south east until it runs into Corral De Tierra Rd. There are homes that are set back on both sides of San Benancio Road as well as many private roads branching off allowing for homes to be built up the canyon walls making this neighborhood unique from many others.

San Benancio Real Estate is made up of a very eclectic mixture of homes that have been built over the past 50 or so years. It is not uncommon to have a brand new home located right next to a 40 year old home inside this rural setting. Most real estate in San Benancio is made up of larger lots that measure over one acre and typical lots here are around 3-4 acres but can be 100 acres or more! The terrain of most of the lots is pretty hilly since it is carved out of a canyon and building sites are limited.

Real estate values are a lot like the homes in San Benancio and can vary from basic, very affordable homes to very high end and expensive luxury estates. Smaller, older homes set close to San Benancio Road typically do not fetch more than $750,000 and larger, newer luxury homes with views and acreage can sell in the several million dollar range. Obviously knowing what price to pay for a home in San Benancio Canyon can be very tricky as well as figuring out what price to sell your home for. Be sure to talk to a REALTOR when buying or selling a home in San Benancio.

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